Firstly, welcome to my brand new Blog!

This blog has been created to document my love of Technology alongside all things Vintage; quite the Juxtaposition!

Over the past 15 years or so I’ve ran blogs, websites, social media accounts and everything in-between on an eclectic mix of subjects.  Boxing, Photography, Creative Writing, Vintage Lifestyle, Information Technology and owning an Allotment!  After a major turnaround in my health back in 2013 I even started a blog documenting living with Microvascular Coronary Heart Disease (having just been diagnosed with it myself at the time)

All these ventures were relatively successful and enjoyable chapters in my life.  Nowadays, however, I am looking for something different.  Having a somewhat limited lifestyle due to my Microvascular Coronary Heart Disease, I have finally found my “New Normal”  I am not defined by my condition, it is merely part of what makes me who I am!

Taking all of the above into account, I have decided that I (and indeed all of us!) am simply the sum of all my constituent parts.  Gregory Porter sums it up perfectly in his song “Painted on Canvas” where he likens us to a blank canvas that is painted on by our experiences etc.  The opening verse goes;

“We are like children

We’re painted on canvases

Picking up shades as we go

We start off with gesso

Brushed on by people we know

Watch your technique as you go

Step back and admire my view

Can I use the colors I choose?

Do I have some say what you use?

Can I get some greens and some blues?”

My love of Technology, including Photography and Videography is juxtaposed by my life long love of all things Vintage.  I love gadgets and the latest Tech but I also am completely at home when sat in an old leather armchair, wearing a vintage watch, listening to some classic Jazz LP’s; whilst sipping a glass of Cognac and smoking a Cigar!

To me, these things that make me who I am aren’t mutually exclusive.  They may be at opposing ends of certain spectrums; but I enjoy them equally.

So; that’s what this blog is going to be about. Everything from New Technology to Vintage  Items I am hoping to cover it all.

It’s quite the Juxtaposition …