Twitter Hashtags …

So #ThingsThatGiveMeAnxiety is trending on Twitter. No. 1 thing that gives me Anxiety is the way people confuse worry over trivial things with those who are struggling with clinically diagnosed Anxiety. We wonder why there is still a stigma around Mental Health ?

Honestly infuriating reading through the #ThingsThatGiveMeAnxiety hashtag and seeing what people think “Anxiety” is. Try living with it! Being Medicated to ease it! Go through Therapy to attempt to alleviate it! You’re anxiety over what Ice Creme flavor to pick would soon be put into perspective.

How about living with a lifelong heart condition, taking medication to try and alleviate the pain and distress it causes, and all the while trying to get through a “normal” existence? How about being made redundant and having to face the fear of looking for work again before your money runs out? The fear, shame and uncertainty of going through a recruitment process and potentially opening up to a new employer about it all (and secretly knowing that once you do open up you’re unlikely to be understood and therefore it’s over)? Couple all that with the Anxiety and Depression that comes with any such chronic condition and you’ve got a real item for #ThingsThatGiveMeAnxiety